You have arrived at the ideal place to purchase airsoft guns and airsoft components online. Airsoft Station holds the answers to all of your airsoft questions and will be your home for all those new to playing with airsoft and expert airsofters alike. We’re an airsoft guns superstore that will offer every kind of gun to fulfill any kind of budget. If it comes to our principal stock, we take the 3 chief types you’ll find on many battlefields — airsoft firearms, gas-powered airsoft guns, and spring airsoft guns — and inventory everything from aggressive airsoft guns to airsoft starter kits. In addition, we carry a huge selection of tactical equipment and accessories that will assist you attain the very best airsoft epic minutes.

Regardless of which sort of loadout you are looking for, we will help you each step along the way with amazing airsoft guns and also the very best in sidearms and accessories. Whether you are into expert airsofting and searching for following level equipment, or among our common airsoft novices searching for the ideal airsoft starter kit, our products are best for producing some wonderful airsoft minutes.

Airsoft electric guns, also referred to as AEGs, would be the most frequent kind of airsoft gun. Typically, AEGs will include a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, and also our high-end airsoft electric guns arrive with lipo batteries to find the best possible functionality. An adequate airsoft rifle will normally fire 0.20gram BB pellets at a speed of between 300 and 400 FPS, meaning that they really pack a punch. We Airsoft Sation strongly urge that if you buy electric airsoft rifles you adhere to people which have a complete metal gearbox, since these are considerably stronger than their vinyl counterparts.

On many airsoft battlefields you will notice that many expert airsofters have a taste for electric airsoft rifles, even though electric airsoft pistols will also be offered. We’ve got a vast selection of airsoft pistols and rifles, therefore regardless of which kind of AEG you’re searching for, we’ve got just what you want.


5 testimonials comes in bigger bottles and is stuffed directly to the magazine of the air soft rifle whilst CO2 comes in smaller, 12-gram capsules which are discharged and attached separately. The benefit of CO2 cartridges and green gasoline is they are cheap, portable and long-lasting, meaning that your gasoline powered firearms are going to keep you from the struggle and in your way into an air conditioned win.

Gas powered airsoft pistols are normally the most popular gun in this class, however there are tons of gas powered airsoft rifles to select from too, all of the way around airsoft sniper rifles. If you’re searching for more realism whilst enjoying airsoft, why don’t you try out a gas blowback airsoft rifle. Blowback provides you the kick much like a real life firearm and is still a frequent characteristic amongst our airsoft pistols, although you may also locate blowback airsoft rifles in case this suits your style of play. If it comes to incorporating a border of realism on your airsoft minutes, gas-powered airsoft guns would be the best way to go.


Spring airsoft guns use a very simple cock and take mechanism that’s simple to operate. The user only brings back the slide (such as spring airsoft pistols) or manipulates a bolt activity (such as spring airsoft rifles) before every shot. Spring-powered firearms are very popular as they’re relatively cheap and don’t require gas or batteries to function. In the end, spring powered airsoft guns would be the most cost effective alternative for frequent airsoft beginners. That having been said, there are also numerous strong spring powered airsoft rifles for ace airsofters. By way of instance, have a peek at our airsoft snipers available if you have been expert airsofting for a little while and searching for a new border for the airsoft wins. A luxury spring airsoft sniper makes for a deliciously overpowered airsoft rifle, as well as your enemy will surely know when they have been struck.

In the conclusion of the day, it is irrelevant if you’re utilizing a spring airsoft pistol or in case you’ve got a taste for spring rifles, we’ve got just what you want to begin. While spring powered airsoft guns have a lower rate of fire compared to their semi-auto and complete automobile gas and airsoft gun counterparts, they’re the ideal selection for all those who don’t wish to be concerned about their airsoft rifle running out of juice during an essential moment in a struggle, giving you the best hand for the air conditioned win.

If you are a pro airsofter searching for more realism in playing with airsoft, you have come to the ideal location. A number of our aggressive airsoft guns, such as the airsoft USAS, are predicated on real-life firearms. Packing a bit more punch than your ordinary players airsoft, these army airsoft guns or even milsim airsoft guns (brief for military simulation) are crafted to perfection for unbelievable airsoft game gameplay. If you are an airsoft sniper, then have a peek at our updated airsoft sniper rifles to provide critical firepower, or in case you’re a little more rough and ready and searching for something such as an AN 94 airsoft copy, we’ve got some wonderful airsoft guns that will assist you get into the thick of things. You are soon going to be expert airsofting on a whole other level, also on how to airsoft wins.

These are the ideal choices for clearing out large groups of enemies in one go, which makes for the best airsoft epic minutes. Any expert airsofter will tell you there is nothing more gratifying than having an airsoft win using a well-placed noodle throw! And when you’re searching for a seriously overpowered airsoft gun, then try our airsoft grenade launchers.


Obviously, it would not be quite right if you walked onto an airsoft field without the correct airsoft accessories and parts to provide you an advantage. From flash hiders to mounts to lubrication we understand exactly what you want to make you really successful on the subject of battle. In addition, we offer you many different ranges from crimson dots to complete sized airsoft gun scopes, and magazines for airsoft pistols and rifles. If you understand just what you want you could come across these airsoft parts sold separately, or purchase one of those airsoft starter kits that will assist you begin playing airsoft like an expert.


Much like our army guns, our strategic equipment is not just practical — it also provides you the expression of a formal operator. Our strategic equipment includes chest replacements and plate carriers, also holsters and pouches to your airsoft pistols and accessories. Should you require something sturdy to maintain your airsoft rifles, airsoft gun bags and cases are precisely what you want to find the task finished.