A QR Code is an identification-based tag that is recognized by smart phones. It enables users to encode any amount of text in a 2-D rectangular barcode. QR Codes can be used to display image results, to enter URL’s, to write short messages to the phone and to store contacts in the phone’s address book. There are many different applications for smart phones with the use of a QR Code Generator. Below are some examples of how a QR Code Generator can be used.


Marketing Applications – The promotion of a product or service by displaying QR codes on advertising media such as print, television, radio or the Internet can drive interested consumers to contact the business with the provided information. This method of marketing has been around for quite a while, but it only became popular in the late 90’s. It has become more popular as more businesses have become aware of its potential for generating interest in their products. QR codes can even be used in conjunction with other promotion methods to generate even greater results.


Product Applications – A popular application is the implementation of marketing push notifications through the use of qr codes. A consumer receives an SMS when they tap a specific barcode and a message appear on their phone screen. Upon tapping, the code decodes and gives them the option to either continue to browse the Internet or stop browsing. These applications can be extremely useful for attracting new customers, especially when they contain special offers or deals. A QR code scanner is used to take a scan of the barcode and this data is sent to a smartphone through Bluetooth.


Service Applications – Another popular use for qr codes is in relation to grocery store loyalty programs. A supermarket may implement a loyalty program by giving a discount to their loyal customers for spending more than a specific amount on a certain product line. The code can be scanned at the point-of-sale to receive the discount. Depending on the system used, the discount may also be redeemed in various stores across the store. In addition, the code can be combined with other type of promotional codes to increase the value of the discount.


Retail Applications – Retail shops that sell mostly paper products such as newspapers, magazines, books, and catalogs also use of codes a lot. They use the code to encourage customers to keep coming back to buy more publications. For example, a supermarket chain may place a code on a monthly sale of newsprint. Upon purchasing a copy of the magazine, the customer is given the code to redeem the discount. This is an excellent way for retailers to promote their brands, as well as get more sales.


Software Applications – Some software applications actually use qr codes in them. For example, a Microsoft Word application has the “finder pattern” right next to its file menu. If you highlight a word in the text (by pressing the “finding” button on your keyboard), you will be able to see the finder pattern at the bottom of the page. By pressing the “find” button again, you can then find all other occurrences of that particular keyword in the entire document.