Instagram GIF stickers that you often see while browsing Instagram Stories. A wide variety of moving stamps have a great impact. If you use it a lot, it will be an advertising effect. This time, we will briefly introduce the mechanism and examples of Instagram’s original GIF stamps.

It is necessary to master the application called in addition to social media

Instagram The GIF stamp of Instagram is provided in cooperation with the overseas application called. So, instead of applying from the Instagram system, you must first post the GIF you want to upload to social media.

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In order to create a GIF to post on Instagram Stories, you need to change your account permissions to something like a brand channel or an artist channel.

Precautions when creating a GIF stamp,

The GIF image to be posted is “The domain of the email address (character string after @) must be the original of the company or brand” “The gif image to be posted is the company or brand There are some conditions, such as “it must have something to do with it.” It’s a good idea to check if this application is likely to pass before creating a GIF stamp, as it is likely that your personal account will not pass unless you are an artist.

It’s not an illustration, but a GIF stamp of a photo, so the reality is outstanding.

Every time a new product comes out, Starbucks is seen on Instagram. There are many stamps that you can easily use, such as “coffee” and “FALL IN SOON”, as well as the GIF of the familiar green cup illustration.

It is said that general users post more frequently in Stories than in the timeline. The number of GIF stamp companies entering the market will continue to increase.

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