Purple drank, sometimes called lean and many other names, is an illicit recreational drug drink, usually prepared by mixing cough syrup with an alcoholic beverage and other hard candies. The mixture originally came from Houston, Texas, and has become very popular in both the urban and rural hip hop cultures. For those individuals who have been caught up in this type of drug activity, it is important that you know how to get out.

purple drank lean


Many of those arrested on charges of possession of purple drank are never seen again. The reason being is because they are too intoxicated to make any kind of coherent statement, or even to be able to defend themselves. This is because the drug itself is so strong that it has a strong effect on the brain.


In most cases, an individual will ingest purple drank lean without ever knowing it. Those who ingest this substance often do not realize it, and only find out about it when they are caught by authorities.


The first step in getting out of lean is to remain silent. Your words are going to be crucial when you talk with your lawyer. Be sure to ask questions such as what the police officer is looking for, if you are under arrest, your rights, and what is expected of you. These questions can help you to stay calm and composed.


If you are found in possession of purple drank, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. The best part of this is that you may receive probation. This means that you will not go to jail, but you will be monitored by an ankle bracelet. This will prevent you from going outside of your home without supervision, or from using the internet.


Purple drank can be dangerous, especially for those who are in their thirties and forties. Those who are using it should not even think about driving. However, it is not as dangerous as you may think.


As previously stated, purple drink can be extremely dangerous. However, many of those who have used this type of drug have not been seriously hurt. Some of them have even died from overdose. It is important for anyone who is suspected of having been in possession of this substance to get tested.


There is no doubt that this type of drug is illegal. If you are a suspect, you must be sure to cooperate with your attorney and to get tested. in as soon as possible. You want to protect yourself from a criminal conviction and possible jail time.


There are ways to protect yourself from the effects of purple drank. Do not go into this situation unprepared.