Buy Dark and Light (PC) – Steam Gift – GLOBAL Review The fractured remnants of the mother planet Gaia hang in sharp comparison to the atmosphere on the adjacent satellite planet Archos, which acts as an inescapable confirmation of the evil powers shaping the earth. As a lone adventurer in the forest, you need to learn how to interpret the land, the natural resources, and how to domesticate native animals and create a house. You would need to harness and monitor the mystical energies that flows through the earth, otherwise you risk being engulfed by the overwhelming chaos that permeates the whole world in ocean of games.

ocean of games

Dark and Light is a massive sandbox survival RPG set in a world ruled by strong elementary powers. Find your way in a beautifully built universe, featuring breathtaking scenery, a large range of magical monsters, and countless possibilities for designing , constructing, and activating hundreds of powerful weapons, spells,


Years before, Earth was struck by evil powers and crashed, plunging the planet into chaos. Some attempted migration to Archos, one of Gaia ‘s satellite worlds, inadvertently (or even intentionally) taking the dark powers along with them. As a consequence, the climate of Archos became negatively influenced, triggering several unusual events on the earth during the night. Throughout the day, the atmosphere of Archos appears calm, yet as the sun falls, the world suddenly plunges into disorder. Occasionally, the remains of Gaia will block the sun, triggering an eclipse on Archos, culminating in a vicious, bloodthirsty rage among the native creatures of the earth you can easily buy in ocean of games.

Key Features

  • World of limitless magic
  • Awe-Inspiring Magical Creatures
  • True Freedom in an Endless Sandbox
  • A Fateful battle between Dark and Light in also