Tenting in Siberia

Our Mate lent us one among his best outside gadgets tents, as we didn’t have certainly one of our possess. Since we ordinarily don’t camp even though traveling. But mainly because it appears to be like Which may modify in foreseeable future. He lent us a tent made by an organization termed Regular, a well-liked manufacturer in Russia. Our tent was much like these two particular-person tents. It’s light-weight but slim. In any case, if I would like to carry a tent myself, I’ll decide on a lighter tent about heavier and greater without having a second thought.

Tents made by Regular (Russian business) are created for the Russian climate and for camping in Siberia. Not like Individuals produced in Europe or America, as our Close friend was indicating. He himself was making use of a similar class tent from Marmot. And, though, there were no severe issues with that tent, it absolutely was colder Within the tent throughout the nighttime. On the exact same evenings, Kaspars within our tent was applying his sleeping bag only for a blanket, as it was very warm for him.

What’s critical below – the nearer the internal tent will be to the outer layer, the colder it Will probably be inside the tent. Particularly when concurrently There’s quite an enormous gap in between earth and outer layer.

So when tenting in Siberia you may need a tent that has more space between the interior and outer tent. Although summer times in Siberia may be truly incredibly hot, It is far from one thing unusual that nights are interesting. Especially if you stay close to drinking water like we did when tenting near Baikal lake and afterward in the vicinity of river Berd, throughout our rafting vacation.

Sleeping Bag and Mat

Most probably you will need a heat sleeping bag, too. As I previously stated, even in the summer months nights in Siberia are usually chilly. Over the summer months, you can find evenings when the temperature drops to a meager +5 C. We had phony North Confront cocoon down sleeping luggage, which we bought in Nepal. Pretty big in sizing and warmer than any Other people we had made use of ahead of. They suited us extremely properly. We didn’t freeze, but there have been two or three evenings when we felt the chill.

Don’t overlook to convey along with your insulated sleeping mat. Rather than the thinnest one! Of course, it would be scaled-down and a bit lighter, but It is far from worth the trouble. Much better to choose one which is thicker. You may come to feel a lot cozier and most crucial – hotter.

In case you are exploring Siberia by car or boat, you normally take a self-inflating pad with you for an even greater standard of consolation.

Backpacking Packing Listing

Cooking Outside
As we had been planning to cook on a regular basis ourselves we took with us – food items, tenting stove, and petrol for it.

In addition to one pot (1,five-liter is sweet for four people), food items containers, some cutlery. Our friend experienced a Kovea stove along with a refillable petrol canister.

As an alternative to bowls, we packed Tupperware containers with lids. Packing containers we use for having soups and porridge, but lids – as slicing boards and “plates” for bread and sweets. Just about each of us experienced a person spoon. And there was one particular knife amongst all of us.

Kaspars, Eugene (our Mate), and Caroline (A close friend of Eugene and now our Close friend way too, haha) had fifty-five-liter backpacks. I had a 40 l pack. Caroline’s pack wasn’t full. Men experienced fuller and heavier packs since they were carrying tents and more foodstuff than we were being.

Normally we travel with smaller backpacks. Kaspars has a 25-liter pack, an I – thirty-liter pack. These two backpacks ended up way too little for this experience, so Eugene, our friend, lent us the packs at the same time. Kaspars received a bogus Deuter backpack bought in Thailand, I – Freetime pack. But any 40 – a hundred-liter backpack with a challenging back (or body) and the hip belt will do. Why really hardback again / body and hip belt are so essential? Hip belt retains your backpack with your hips, so You can find considerably less stress with your shoulders. And really hardback/body keeps your backpack in shape and therefore it’s much easier to have it.

I suggest you hold as little as feasible and not get a 70 – 100 liter pack. I doubt if you can be snug with such a hefty load! System your vacation so as to restock and clean your clothes just after some time. If it is impossible, then get additional food items (like you need to have), but don’t consider more clothes. It is possible to clean your dresses during the river or lake. A similar applies to Your system. You could go on without acquiring a true shower for really quite a long time, but certainly, you couldn’t hike devoid of foodstuff!

Eugene and I were making use of climbing poles. For my part, it is simpler if 1 has them. It’s easier to walk uphill and downhill, to keep the stability on the uneven routes.

Here’s a list of few products which we uncovered In particular helpful through our mountaineering and tenting excursion in Siberia.


Easier to use than a regular torchlight.

Rain go over for backpack – a need to have!

Photovoltaic telephone charger.

Mainly because there isn’t electrical energy in the woods, haha. To avoid wasting your phone’s battery you’ll be able to switch plane mode on when you are not employing it.


Beneficial in different instances. One example is, tying something alongside one another and drying clothing.

Battery Bank

For charging phones, e-readers, and tablets.

Water-proof bags

For files, cameras, telephones.

Ziplock bags

For foods and toiletries.

Large brim hat or baseball cap

Protection versus warm Solar.

Sunscreen SPF thirty or 50 and sunglasses

Solar might be potent to choose from. And whilst hiking you’re going to be an exterior full day not only for an hour or two.

Quick-dry towel

For the people times whenever you may have a shower. For anyone Unique occasions, ha!

Prompt hand sanitizer gel, moist wipes, toilet paper, tissues, cleaning soap along other toiletries – particular hygiene.

To start with things very first – h2o. While you are mountaineering on Olkhon island or merely around lake Baikal, you’ll have a lot of free-of-charge consuming water as you are able to drink h2o with the lake. At times we drank it straight within the lake, in other periods we boiled it, and we were properly great. In case you aren’t certain over its purity, you’ll be able to always boil it ahead of consuming it.

When we ended up rafting on river Berd, we took h2o within the river and always boiled it. If you have uncertainties, You mostly can use water purification tablets.

So, what we commonly ate? For breakfast, we had instant oatmeal or muesli with peanuts and dates, cookies or/and other sweets, like, halva, Hematogen, sweet bars, and low, tea or chicory espresso.

For lunch and evening meal – rice or buckwheat porridge/soup with spice & soup mixes (immediate soups). How to create what we were creating? You boil water initially. Then you certainly insert rice or buckwheat. When it gets soft you include spice & soup blend, that you like. A handful of more minutes, as well as your porridge-like soup, is ready.

Along with it we ordinarily ate bread with meat spread and/or cheese spread and a few refreshing veggies. From greens largely we experienced – raw beetroot (tasty, essentially), cucumbers, and carrots. For dessert, we had oatmeal cookies, pryaniki (Russian tea spice cookies), or / along with other sweets, like, halva, Hematogen, sweet bars. Once again, we drank espresso, tea, or chicory espresso. Sometimes we extra condensed milk to our coffee.

From fruits, we had only apples. Though they are fairly hefty and acquire up Quite a bit of space, it’s awesome to have some fruits time soon after time. And apples turned out to generally be those which have been better for carrying all-around with your backpack.

OUR Foods Appeared Such as this. Even though WE Were being EATING WE SPOKE ABOUT Very little BUT… Foods! Okay, NOT ONLY ABOUT Food items … 🙂

Clothes and Footwear

The climate in Siberia can adjust actually promptly. It may be sunny and hot during the day. But When you are, as an example, mountaineering near lake Baikal you will sense great air coming from your lake Even so.

Lake Baikal stays frozen for rather a very long time. Till Might, in fact. Hence it’s comprehensible, why approaching bank in the lake you are feeling Just about like coming into a fridge, haha.

Whenever we ended up rafting on river Berd, not considerably from Novosibirsk, we experienced outrageous climate alterations. One minute it absolutely was scorching and sunny. Then we felt the wind. Just after some time, the sky turned an ominous black! A handful of extra minutes and downpour started off.

So, Enable’s Have a look in My Backpack!
I wore an extensive sleeve T-shirt or a daily T-shirt, jeans (you are able to dress in hiking trousers or other pair of pants), a wide brim hat, and hiking boots. I packed shorts, a few spare T-shirts, thermal trousers and extensive sleeve T-shirt, lightweight leggings, fleece hoodie, rain jacket, underwear, a few pairs of socks, woolen socks, light-weight Nevica Skuff, fleece stuff, and fleece hat. And that I wore each and every bit of it! That is the Siberian summer season!

So… I suggest you choose multiple pairs of pants, just one T-shirt and a prolonged sleeve. If not in the event you soak, as a result, you gained’t be able to adjust.

But when you are feeling like you could go also with truly few merchandises of clothes. Like Kaspars did. In the exact same conditions, he utilized only one pair of pants, just one lengthy sleeve, one particular t-shirt,